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Our selection center was designed with our clients in mind.

Showcasing our ten most popular door styles and their coordinating drawer fronts, we offer a wide range of styles to fit any style preference.

In addition, to the range of door styles, we offer a wide variety of high quality stain and paint finishes.

Additionally, if your preferences lie outside this standardized palette, we are able to manufacture other styles outside of these offerings for a custom upcharge.

Contact DWP to get your cabinetry project started today!

We also partner with building and design firms to place DWP Custom Cabinetry Selection Centers in your office or showroom to allow your clients to experience DWP quality.

Each center is constructed to the same specifications we use for our custom projects allowing you and your clients to see the superiority in our methodology. 

If interested in partnering with DWP, please e-mail for more information.

Selection Center

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