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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a showroom?
    Yes. Our primary location in Forreston, IL serves as our company’s headquarters. In addition to a showroom for entertaining clients, our manufacturing facility is located on these premises. We do partner with builders and contractors throughout the Midwest and provide our partners with DWP selection centers for your viewing convenience. Please contact our office to locate your nearest DWP Building Partner.
  • Can I see your shop?
    We love visitors! Outside of manufacturing, we love educating people about our trade. Please contact our office to schedule a visit.
  • Are estimates free?
    Our Standard Design Phase includes: one (1) on-site visit and one (1) in-office consultation with original design proposal, one (1) design revision and perspective renderings. After this initial phase, DWP requires potential clients to either sign the provided estimate or a Design Agreement. The Design Agreement outlines the financial liability a client has with DWP for longer timeline projects. This agreement advises if a client decides to proceed with a different cabinetry supplier prior to signing a DWP Production Authorization, they will be billed for a minimum of five (5) hours, plus applicable materials. After payment is received, drawings and plans are released to the client.
  • Is 'custom' right for me?
    Fully customized cabinetry offers endless options with the ability to tailor fit any request but comes at a higher price point and a longer production lead time. At the other end of the spectrum, you have stock cabinets. Stock cabinets offer a friendly price but have a very limited color selection and come in predetermined size increments that may or may not fit your space or desired look. Trim panels or gap fillers are then sold for concealing irregularities in fit between the cabinets and walls or ceilings. Since this type of cabinetry comes in limited sizes, it doesn't account for unused space or unconventional floor plans. Homeowners are then left with awkward and unsightly filler pieces, preventing them from fully maximizing the use of their space. While fit is important, an even greater advantage to choosing custom cabinetry comes down to the construction methods and quality materials used. DWP cabinetry is designed to last a lifetime and is backed by our limited life time warranty, giving you peace of mind on your investment. Each customer need is unique, so we encourage you to meet with a professional designer to discuss your situation and the options available.
  • How much customization is possible?
    The options are virtually endless. If you have the vision, we have the tools. We celebrate our 25th year in business in 2020; providing us access to all kinds of interesting projects to execute. Not only do we manufacture in-house, we design in house as well. Sometimes, too many options can be overwhelming. To help alleviate this feeling, we developed our Selection Center. This standardized palette helps narrow down choices, but does not limit you to these options alone.
  • How long should I expect my project to take?
    Ideally, we manufacture projects within a 6-8-week window. This window does not start until a deposit has been paid and necessary production documents have been signed. Sometimes the unexpected occurs and may impact your project, whether ahead or behind schedule, DWP will contact you with pertinent information.
  • Do you offer environmentally safe products?
    We offer responsibly sourced lumber from select suppliers. Additionally, we offer formaldehyde-free, green guard certified paint & finish products. We can use water-based varnish versus solvent based, by request. As new technology develops, we explore new alternatives to ensure you’re receiving environmentally conscious and quality product.
  • Where is the consultation held at?
    We offer on-site and in-office consultations. You are welcome to drop by our office in Forreston, but appointments are strongly encouraged.
  • Does DWP work with other designers, contractors & architects?"
    We love collaborating with others in our field. Please contact our office with your specific inquiries.
  • What areas do you serve?
    DWP proudly serves the Midwest. Our main facility is Forreston, Illinois with an additional office in Minnesota. Contact our office to see if we able to assist in your next project. Recently, DWP has begun expansion into Wisconsion. We are excited to announce our presence in the Madison area.
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